Are you tired of watching A-list celebrities punch each other while millions of cgi animators seamlessly integrate them into a crumbling city as it’s decimated by alien ships and giant monsters?

Are you sick of the endless stream of dramatic tv series choking your Netflix queue as they build up like homework assignments until you’re hopped up on caffeine pills, singing “I’m so excited” while your neighbor Zack tries to calm you down?

Do you long for the low budget decapitation of a quirky teenager, ineptly portrayed by a crew members son, who snuck under the bleachers to watch a scantily clad girls gym class do stretches?

. . . Sounds like you might need The Popcornomicon!

The Popcornomicon is a YouTube Grimoire, a book of dark secrets and incantations, a guide map through a treacherous labyrinth of pitfalls, click bait, and dead ends. We’ve gone down the rabbit hole, trudged through the Swamp of Sadness, and escaped the lair of the Crystal Spider to reveal the location of the Black Fortress. With us, we brought back an easily browsable list of hidden gems and forgotten favorites currently free to watch on YouTube.

In addition to quality versions of full-length movies, we also provide a “Back of the Box” synopsis, the trailer, and our own personal thoughts on each film. We hope our list stands out as a welcome alternative to the humdrum of other film streaming sites (who shall remain nameless) but above all, we want you to have fun discovering new and old favorites on your own or with friends.